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Placement Assistance By Edurightz

At Edurightz, we are committed to ensuring your academic journey culminates in a successful and fulfilling career. Our dedicated Placement Assistance program is designed to seamlessly bridge the gap between education and employment, offering personalized support to each student. With a network of industry connections, workshops, and career counseling sessions, we empower our students to navigate the job market confidently. From resume building to interview preparation, our comprehensive approach prepares you for the competitive landscape, increasing your chances of securing rewarding employment opportunities. At Edurightz, we don’t just educate; we guide you towards a future of professional excellence.

Placement Process at Edurightz

  • Training & Skill Development:

    Our candidates undergo comprehensive training aligned with industry requirements, focusing on skill enhancement and practical knowledge.

  • Career Counseling:

    Personalized counseling sessions help candidates identify strengths and career aspirations, aiding them in making informed career decisions.

  • Resume Building Workshops:

    Workshops are conducted to craft effective resumes and cover letters, highlighting candidate skills and experiences.

  • Interview Preparation:

    Rigorous training sessions prepare candidates for interviews, covering mock interviews, communication skills, and interview strategies.

  • Placement Assistance:

    Our dedicated placement cell connects candidates with leading companies, organizing placement drives and facilitating interviews.

  • Company Networking:

    We maintain strong ties with a diverse network of companies, providing a range of job opportunities for our candidates.

  • Job Notifications:

    Candidates receive regular updates on job openings and recruitment drives through various communication channels.

  • Post-Placement Support:

    We offer continuous support even after placement, ensuring a smooth transition into the workplace.

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