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Cloud Computing


Edurightz’s Cloud Computing course offers a comprehensive understanding of cloud technologies, covering key concepts like virtualization, AWS and Azure services, and deployment strategies. Participants will gain hands-on experience, preparing them for in-demand roles in the rapidly evolving field of cloud computing. The course also emphasizes practical skills aligned with industry requirements, enhancing participants’ employability for successful placements in the dynamic IT landscape.

Course Content

Introduction to Cloud Computing
Cloud Infrastructure and Virtualization
Performance and Scalability
Cloud Services and Technologies


Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

Cloud Infrastructure

Performance and Scalability

Cloud Management and Monitoring

Job Opportunities

Cloud Engineer

Cloud Architect

Cloud Engineer

DevOps Engineer


  • Designing and deploying a scalable web application on a cloud platform

  • Implementing a secure and resilient cloud infrastructure for a fictional company

  • Creating a serverless application using cloud functions and services

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