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Python Programming


Python Certification course at Edurightz equips students with the knowledge and skills to master programming. The course covers Python’s principles, concepts, and practices, ranging from fundamental syntax to advanced applications. Students will understand and learn to develop software, analyze data, automate tasks, and create web applications, gaining a deep understanding of how Python contributes to innovation and technological advancement.

Course Contents

Introduction to Python

1. Basics of Python programming
2. Control structures and functions

Web Development with Django

1. Setting up Django projects
2. Building and deploying web applications

Data Science and Analytics

1. NumPy and Pandas for data manipulation
2. Matplotlib and Seaborn for data visualization

Automation and Scripting

1. Working with modules and libraries
2. Creating scripts for automation

Course Objectives

Mastery of Python Fundamentals

Gain a solid understanding of Python syntax, data structures, and core concepts

Web Development with Django

Learn to build robust web applications using the powerful Django framework.

Data Science and Analytics

Explore data manipulation, analysis, and visualization using Python's data science libraries


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